The Lewin-Landgren Duo has toured together for more than 20 years, and has a wide experience from the international concert scene from california in the west to siberia in the east. Our repertoire consists, to the major part, of music by duke Ellington and billy Strayhorn. We play in big venues, cathedrals and concert halls as well as in smaller venues; as a duo, a trio or in collaboration with other ensembles and choirs.

Churches and smaller venues

Most of our concerts have been performed in churches, where we have used the ordinary pipe organ in place. However, due to various circumstances, we also have brought with us a digital instrument to be able to play in concert venues where there are no suitable organs available.
The photo: The jazz festival "Jazz i Svaben" Sweden, 2007.

Large stages and concert venues

We have played in larger venues as a duo, trio, quartet and as soloists together with wind ensembles and big bands.
On these occasions most of the repertoire was composed by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn (often in special arrangements by some of Sweden's most distinguished arrangers).
The photo: From the "Gothenburg Culture Festival" on the stage of the big square "Götaplatsen" in the year of 2006, together with Pierre Swärd (Hammond organ) and Jon-Erik Björänge (drums).

Collaboration with choirs

We also have the possibility to provide arrangements for mixed choir and soprano soloist, with music from a.o. Duke Ellington's "Sacred Concerts".
The photo: Concert together with the choir "Meero nortekoor" in Jaani Church, Tallinn, Estonia, 2011.

Under the heading I Have a Dream we have a new concert program to offer. The program has a strong human message and can advantageously be combined with choir collaborations.

Line up 
Ulf Sarner 
Håkan Lewin alto saxophone
Johannes Landgren keyboard

Concerts 2022
July               28            Lund                 "Lewin Landgren Duo" Allhelgona Church (Concert at 19,00)                                                                         May                 8             Höganäs         " I have a Dream" Kristihimmelsfärds Church
May                 7             Kalmar            "Lewin Landgren Duo" Kalmar Cathedral
March           20            Björketorp     "I Have a Dream" Björketorp Church
March           19            Skövde             "I Have a Drean" Skövde Church
Feb                   1            Göreborg         "I Have a Dream" Annedal Church

Concerts 2021
Aug                19            Stockholm        Bromma Church

Concerts 2019
February    03              Stockholm        ST: Göran Church
April             02              Kungsbacka      Släp Church  (lunch concert)
August        15              Varberg               Värö Church   (Concert at 18,00)
October      05              Oxelösund         Oxelösund Church
November 24              Göteborg            Högsbo Church

September 23           Russia                  Tjeljabinsk (Seventh festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 24           Russia                  Tjeljabinsk (Seventh festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 25           Russia                  Tjeljabinsk (Seventh festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 26           Russia                  Tjeljabinsk (Seventh festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 27           Russia                  Tjeljabinsk (Seventh festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 28           Russia                  Tjeljabinsk (Seventh festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")

Concerts 2018
February 25              Osby                  Osby Church (Concert at 16,00)
March       30              Avesta               Avesta Church (Concert at 14,00)
April          21              Varnhem          Varnhem Monastery Church  
April          22              Skövde             Horns Church 
August     26              Kristineham   Kristinehamn Church (Concert at 18,00)
October   19             Kristianstad    Kristianstad Church
October   27             Jönköping       Mission Church (Concert at 18,00)
October   28             Mölndal            Stensjö Church

August          09              Germany          Memorial Church Berlin
August          10              Germany          Gransee Church Gransee
September 26              Russia                Tjeljabinsk (Sixth festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 27              Russia                Tjeljabinsk (Sixth festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 28              Russia                Tjeljabinsk (Sixth festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 29              Russia                Tjeljabinsk (Sixth festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")

Concerts 2017
June              24               Ulricehamn     Timmele Church
July                  1               Gothenburg    Gothenburg Cathedral (Lunch concert)
July                  1               Stockholm       Västerhaninge Church  (Concert at 19,00)
July                  4               Hudiksvall       Forsa Church (Concert at 19,30)
July                  5               Östersund       Östersund Church (Lunch concert)
July                  6               Luleå                  Nederluleå Church
July                  7               Arjeplog            Arjeplog Church
July                  8               Lycksele            Lycksele Church
August          10               Varberg             Värö Church
August          27               Gothenburg    Allhelgona Church Kortedala (Concert at 19,00)
September 17               Gothenburg    Backa Church
October         8                Mölndal            Stensjö Church
October       24               Göteborg          Betlehems Church (Pease Concert at. 19,00)

September 27               Russia                Tjeljabinsk (Fifth festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 28               Russia                Tjeljabinsk (Fifth festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 29               Russia                Tjeljabinsk (Fifth festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")
September 30               Russia                Tjeljabinsk (Fifth festival "Jazz & Pipeorgan")